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It Was Bright Sunny Day in spring of 1989 When a Gentleman Decided To Embark On a Mission to Produce Authentic Natural Skin Care Products. After Continuous Experimentation And Countless Disappointments, We Have Managed To Replicate And Then Perfect Centuries-old Formula. We Bring Together Healing Practices, Cultural Wisdom and Indigenous Ingredients, Remix Them and Create Modern Natural Organic Solutions for Skin and Hair. Our Handmade Organic Transparent Soap Made Of Natural Ingredients And Vegetable Oil for Soap Base. It's Not a Soap its Beauty Treatment, It's Make Your Skin Moisture, Shiny, Healthy, Pearl Whitening and Fairness

SeeSeem Advertising

SeeSeem Advertising Co is the only single advertising Agency which owns complete printing unit in which we have completed our jobs (from purchase of raw material to finished jobs). We have complete printing unit under one roof with the name of Samnani Art Press in which we have all imported latest printing machines and technical staff.

M & S Leather Center

Company supplies all products throughout the world with the brand name of M&S leather. Company have also opened our first outlet in international market with the name of Leather Centre (KSA). We work efficiently and produce good quality products with the help of several departments.

Samnani Tower

Samnani Tower is also providing unmatched highest Quality Standards construction level in a city. We are also the only constructed Samnani Tower to combine broad geographical reach with local delivery. Samnani tower made with utilize latest tools and technologies for the management system...


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